4 Ways to Gather Social Proof Before Launching a New Product or Program

Why social proof matters and how to leverage it to drive sales for a new offering

Gina Raelene Fink
4 min readJun 4


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Are you working on the sales page for a new product or program? Maybe this is your first ever?

How exciting!

Before you find yourself frustrated though, it’s important to address the fact that there is one essential element you’ll be missing, whether you’re using a copywriting template, a sales page checklist, or your swipe files to model sales pages you love.

That one thing is TESTIMONIALS.

The fact that you have yet to gather applicable client/customer feedback.

Not to worry!

Here are four types of social proof you can use UNTIL you can gather specific testimonials for your new offering…

1 Testimonials about what it’s like to work with YOU.
Kind words about YOU paint a picture of what it will be like for others to work with you too. These testimonials are just as powerful as the results-driven ones — sometimes more so!

One of the most common things past clients and course participants have said about me is I am incredibly generous.

In a world where coaches keep clients at arm’s length until or unless they are willing to invest further, this is a positive thing for my future clients to discover about me.

2 Testimonials sharing RESULTS achieved from your other offers.
Your ability to help your clients get results regardless of the specific program or service builds a bridge of trust that you’ll do the same with each new offering.

Become intentional about sharing the cool things your clients are doing because of your expert advice.

3 Quotes from leading EXPERTS that corroborate your claim or method.
It’s one thing for you to say XYZ. It’s another thing when your community hears another renowned expert say XYZ too.

When your audience hears the same advice from multiple sources, it strengthens and edifies your expertise.



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